Security Bot

For Security Guards
Our virtual supervisor will allow all guards to access all information about the site while at the desk or while on patrol simply by using their phone.

Increased Productivity

Allow guards to access information quickly to mitigate risks and ensure safety during emergencies while following the appropriate protocol.

Improve Satisfaction

Peace of mind knowing that information, protocols and procedures are accessible within seconds anytime and anywhere.

Detailed Records

Detailed data of all interactions are available for analysis to identify key areas in need of improvement to provide better service.


Keep Up To Date


What We Offer
Powered by the industry-leading NLP engines, our chatbots utilize the same AI that’s behind Google Home and Amazon Alexa and various other AI products. As an added bonus, every time Google or Amazon improves their engine, so would our chatbots.

No Download

No need to download an application, use your phone to text or call.

24/7 Access

Always available. It allows anyone with permission to easily access relevant information anytime from anywhere.

No Busy Signal

One number can accommodate an unlimited number of callers at a time. Don’t make anyone wait.


Customize the answers to every question and provide alternative answers based on the method of communication.


By adding information specific to the user the chatbot will detect who’s calling or texting and answer personalized questions.


With in depth analysis learn why someone is contacting you and improve ways to better provide the needed support.